Wertespiel und Kulturspiel in einem Spiel

VALUable - Team Development, Change Processes

English Version: Wertespiel und Kulturspiel VALUable - Team Development, Change Processes

VALUable - The spirted socio-cultural training game. VALUable can be played in any language. The entire TRAINING-TOOL will be delivered in English language. The "Energy Impulses,“ the currency of the game, can individually labeled by the gamer - this feature allows for multilingualtiy. Pre-labeled “Energy Impulses“ are readily available. Feel free to contact us at any time!

VALUable comes in different flavors: It is a lively and exciting training game, as well as an opportunity to reflect on one's values. Prerequisites for the optimal utilization of the game are wakefulness and watchfulness. It is the goal of the game to collect as many “Energy Impulses“ as possible. One tries to win “Energy Impulses“ from one's fellow players in the course of the game.

Every participant begins the game in the same way; everyone receives 22 “Energy Impulses“ in a little bag. Each Impulse is labeled with values ranging from “Passion“ (Supporting Passion) to “Life“ (Acknowledging Life). Using the interaction between the value-displaying "Energy Impulses“ and the players, VALUable immediately addresses questions such as “what values matter the most to me,“ “which values am I willed to give up“ and “how does my perception differs from the perception of my teammates.“

VALUable helps trainers and consultants with their trainings (especially in intercultural settings), dealing with group dynamics and change processes, with one's “Value Navigation“ and reflection, as well as with handling culture shocks.


VALUable involves laughing, suffering and learning: Participants are encouraged to become active and experience moving moments in the course of the game; at the same time they are invited to muse and reflect. At the core of the game, everyone must sort one's values by bringing them into a clear hierarchy. The rules of the game change at the very same time. Thereby, VALUable visualizes real-life conflicts: Participants are forced to structure their values in an ever-changing environment, an everyday challenge experienced by managers in multi-departmental companies or in intercultural scenarios.


VALUable trains the participants' ambiguity tolerance, flexibility and their ability to react. By playing VALUable one will become prepared for intercultural situations, raises awareness for differing corporate cultures and leadership styles.


4 x Rules of the Game (for the participating players)

1 x Rules of the Game (for the supervisor), 24 pages, colored, bound, DIN A5 - German

4 x “Impulse Die“ (with symbols)

4 x “Value Die“ (numbered 1-6)

16 x little bags with 22 English “Energy Impulses“ per bag, plus additional 16 extra “Energy Impulses“

50 x unlabeled “Energy Impulses“

8 x “Value-Changing Cards“ (within solid bag)

16 x “Impulse Cards“ (within solid bag)

4 x waterproof felt pens


Trainer, Coaches, Berater, Fach- und Führungskräfte, für alle Menschen, die eine nachhaltige Selbstreflexion zu Werten- und Kulturverständnis anstreben. Ideal für Team- und Change-Prozesse. Teambuilding pur.

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